Meet The Team:

Simon Hodgkinson -

Simon Hodgkinson

AI Adrenaline Junkie, Best Selling Author, Promptgen Genius, Biz & Marketing Badass, Sometimes Surfer

John Merrick -

John Merrick

AI Tech Master, Coding Magician, Crypto Enthusiast, Affiliate Marketing Guru, All-Round Nice Guy 24/7

Matt Garrett -

Matt Garrett

Business Strategist, Launch Pro, JV Mastermind, Coaching & Consulting Pro, Part Time Pokémon Addict

Mark Lyford -

Mark Lyford

Entrepreneurial Ninja, International Speaker, Crypto Wizard, Savvy Publisher, Groovy Tunes Aficionado

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Imagine a world where all of your marketing endeavours are not just simplified but revolutionized.  A world where advanced AI technology takes care of every marketing challenge, leaving you to focus on what truly matters – growth, innovation, and success...  

Let the magic of AI Affiliate Dominator, AI Social Hyperdrive, AI Videomancer and Sales Script Synth (the first 4 of 10 tools inside PCD)  guide your journey to unprecedented heights. Embrace the future, multiply your productivity, and drastically increase your conversions. It's AI that adapts to your unique business needs – The dawn of a new era in digital marketing:  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT


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